About Marty

Marty has been a writer most of her life, consumed with the world of literature while teaching English and creative writing at Florida Southwestern State College or creating her own fiction.  Her writing career has spanned almost fifteen years, with eight published novels for Avalon Books, Kensington Books, and Thomas & Mercer.

While writing contemporary mysteries, Marty has also become increasingly interested in combining historical and women’s fiction not only as the “backstairs of history” but, also, as a way to create a unique narrative—tapping into the popularity of genre bending.  Her new novel, Claire's Last Secret, builds on her background as a Romantics scholar, using the “almost famous” member of the Byron/Shelley “haunted summer,” Claire Clairmont, as the protagonist/sleuth.  The novel takes place in both Geneva and Florence and spans two eras played out against the backdrop of a nineteenth-century conspiracy.

Marty is delighted to announce that Claire's Last Secret will be published by Severn House with the following release dates:

May 31, 2018 -- U.K.

September 1, 2018 -- United States and Canada

In short, Marty loves telling a story—whether it takes place on a small island in Florida or a palazzo in Florence.  

It's all about the mystery . . . .